Job – Early Childhood Education & Care





Early Childhood Educators (ECE)

This role involves Assessing the Developmental needs of Children, Creating Plans and Programs that address those needs and teaching Children new things.

They create a range of activities to help children develop both socially and intellectually.

An early Childhood Educator’s job is most often involved with Infants, Toddlers and Preschool Aged Children.

They can work in a variety of locations including Pre-Schools, Child Care Centres, Kindergartens and some Primary School Classrooms.

Childcare Worker (Daycare Workers)

This role involves caring for a group of Children in a Child Care Centre or Family Day Care Home.

A Child Care worker must constantly monitor the children under their care and ensure their safety.

They often teach Social Skills to children and perform some Pre-Kindergarten readiness instruction.

If they are looking after younger children, they will also have to change their Nappies and give them their Feeding Bottle.

This is one of the most In-Demand Child Care jobs in Australia.

Centre Manager

They are ultimately responsible for the smooth operation of the Child Care facility and the safety of the children.

They will supervise Child Care workers and early Childhood Educators, ensuring that they are caring for the children appropriately and remaining compliant with Health and Safety regulations.

They can play a role in planning the Child Care Centre’s Educational Program and tracking the development of children.

Generally, Centre Managers start their careers as Child Care workers and require a 5-10 years of experience working within a Centre or Day Care.