Jobs – Aged Care





Aged Care Sector

Made up of employees and volunteers performing a wide assortment of tasks, people working in the Aged Care Sector provide a diverse range of services to the elderly, younger people with disabilities, and the families of people living assisted by Aged Care.

Community Care offers support and services allowing people to remain in their home with care provided where needed.

Residential Aged Care offers accredited facilities for people no longer able to reside at home and provides continuous nursing services.

Independent Living allows personal autonomy while providing the support of a community- based facility.

Expectations of the Aged Care Worker

Each resident has different needs and abilities that must be respected. With a goal to preserving independence for as long as possible, the Aged Care Worker provides physical, social and psychological support while helping the resident to maintain their dignity.

Desirable Qualifications

  • First Aid and CPR skills
  • Current driver’s license
  • Current police clearance
  • Work experience with Aged Care